About The Custom Spirit Co.

Welcome to The Custom Spirit Co., where passion and innovation converge to redefine the world of spirits.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of flavour and crafting unique spirits for the curious soul. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, we have crafted our current signature range of spirits.


As the name of our company suggests, we offer a custom service for spirits alongside our signature range. We have brought products to market that align to existing brands and loyal clients, as well as starting from scratch with nothing but an idea and some imagination.

We also offer various services including recipe development, importation and exportation, cost-optimisation of existing products, bottling, labelling, and logistics including order fulfilment and bonded movements.



Callum is the Managing Director at Custom Spirit Co., guiding the company with his expertise as a chemical engineer and former designer of large-scale distillation equipment. His unique blend of technical knowledge and creative vision is behind the company’s innovative approach to flavours and products.

Callum also oversees the custom and white label areas of the business, and manages these clients and products personally.



Ella, the Sales Manager and Operations Assistant at The Custom Spirit Co., is responsible for generating new leads, closing supply contracts, and providing unparalleled customer service to existing clients. Ella is also involved in the creative side of the business, working closely with both existing and new clients to develop unique white label solutions.

Her dedication to building strong relationships and her passion for contributing to the brand's success make her an essential part of the Custom Spirit team.



John, the Distillery Services Manager at Custom Spirit Co., combines his chemistry background with the art of distilling to oversee all production phases. His scientific expertise and creative flair are behind the high quality and unique creative approach to our spirits.

John's careful leadership helps deliver seamless operations, and his passion for crafting exceptional spirits drives the innovation in our signature range.